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Rikka Zine Vol.1 Shipping [English Edition] ePub

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*ePub edition. Buy both PDF and ePUB get 50% off ! Rikka Zine is a new exhilarating Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology. This very first issue is a collection of stories about “shipping” that explores delivery work, the human relationship, and migration to other worlds. We encourage SFF in translation, new and emerging writers from non-Anglophone countries and diaspora writers. English is not the first language of most of our contributing writers, with two thirds of them from Asia and the other third from Brazil. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Delivery “Flightless” by Shu Chiba (JP-EN Tr. by Matt Treyvaud) “The Time Traveler’s Delivery” by Renan Bernardo (Reprint) “Enclosure” by Mu Hai (CN-EN Tr. by Judith Huang) Chapter 2: Weird “A Flawless Cicada Skin” by Hitokoe Inada (JP-EN Tr. by Kalau Almony) “How Much Does an Evil Spirit Weigh?” by Neya Hayane (JP-EN Tr. by Macha Spoehrle) Chapter 3: Chosen Family “Our Lives on Tides” by Soham Guha (Reprint) “Elysium: A Tale of Homecoming” by Toori Haito (JP-EN Tr. by Brian Bergstrom) “For Those Who Stay” by Vitória Vozniak “Happiness Comes Three Nights Later” by Sasaboushi (JP-EN Tr. by Burntends and Terrie Hashimoto​​) Chapter 4: Immigration to New Worlds ​​ “The People of the Missing Recipient” by Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo “What the Sea Made Me Leave Behind” by Giu Yukari Murakami “Swifter Than the Cucumber, Slower Than the Eggplant” by Motoimoto (JP-EN Tr. by Sylvia Gallagher) 10 of 12 stories have never been published before. ---------------------------------- About Editor Terrie Hashimoto, Editor, has been working on the publication of science fiction and fantasy in Japan for over fourteen years as a book reviewer, critic and anthologist.

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